Wingst 2021- an interview

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Charlotte: Hey, how are you, Sophia?

Sophia: Thanks, I am fine.

Charlotte: I know you were on a class trip by the sea and I have lots of questions for you about this trip.

Sophia: Yes, sure. What can I tell you?

Charlotte: You were in Wingst, right? Did you see the wadden sea?

Sophia: Yes, we did and we took our shoes off and walked around. We saw wadden worms and a lot of tiny crabs. It was a great experience.

Charlotte: Sounds cool, where did you sleep?

Sophia: In a youth hostel, I was in one room with Leni, Mila and Charlotte. We had a lot of fun.

Charlotte: Did you sleep much?

Sophia: Hihi, not really. And we also did a night hike. That was scary, we saw a lot of ghosts. It was also kind of beautiful walking in the dark… and spooky.

Charlotte: That sounds great. And what else did you do with your classmates and teachers?

Sophia: We went to the zoo, we went to the city and ,of course, we also went to the beach. Sitting at the beach is always nice.

Charlotte: Yeah, beaches are cool. Did you have a lot of fun in Wingst?

Sophia: Yes, we had a great time. We also played a lot of games like table tennis and football at the youth hostel and we did a costume party. I made lots of new friends. That was the best.

Charlotte: Okay, thanks. I am happy that you had such a good time. What about this song you sang on your trip! Can I hear it?

Sophia: Yes, of course. Just click on the following video!!

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